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The Law Office of Stephen Z. Williamson, PLLC believes that aggressive advocacy, honesty, hard work and a commitment to excellence are the best ways to win cases and earn the esteem of clients and colleagues. We apply these principles to every case and the results are illustrated by a lengthy roster of satisfied clients.

We welcome you to watch our clients share their stories of how Stephen Williamson helped them through the challenges and difficulties of suffering injury.


Pedestrian Accident

I first met Steve as my case was approaching trial. My lawyer brought him on board to take the case to court. I was nervous and uncertain but Steve’s calm, thorough and professional approach helped me relax and focus getting the truth out. We went over all the facts and evidence multiple times until my confusion and fear lessened. I’m not great with words and never spoke in public, but with Steve’s attention and patience I was able to tell my story. Looking back, I don’t think I could have done it without him and would recommend Steve to anyone in a situation like mine.”


Steve Williamson is a compassionate and caring lawyer who takes his job to heart and treats his clients like family. He did a great job on my case and put me at ease despite a difficult situation. He was thoughtful, careful, compassionate and very committed.



Landlord Negligence

I was very pleased with the outcome of my court case. During the process, I was impressed with the way Steve handled my lawsuit, dealt with the evidence, and battled the lawyer on the other side. In Court, he gave a strong presentation and questioned the witnesses with skill so that the truth came out. Watching all this made me realize that when your case is disputed by the insurance company, having an experienced and knowledgeable trial lawyer makes all the difference.


After my accident, I lost so much time from work and financial hardship was really tough. On top of that, my injuries were very difficult to overcome and all the doctors’ appointments and bills were overwhelming. The insurance companies dragged their heels and didn’t seem to care. It felt like the process and my economic distress would go on forever. Steve was at my side the whole time, available 24/7 to answer questions, find solutions or just be a shoulder to lean on. When it came time to resolve the case, Steve fought to get me full compensation for all that I’d lost, even when the insurance company tried every tactic to avoid doing me right.


During my case, Steve felt like my partner and like family. He was very caring and sensitive, always taking the time to explain the status of the case and our road ahead. From the start, he shared our goals and strategy but was up front about the limitations of my case. With Steve, there was no doubletalk or big promises, but when he said something would get done, it got done.


My case went to trial and ended with a very successful outcome. Steve did an incredible job preparing me for court, covering all our bases, and knocking the opposition on its heels. At the beginning of trial, the insurance company refused to negotiate. But when they saw our presentation that totally changed. By the end, the momentum shifted to our favor and the insurance company settled for a very substantial figure that exceeded my expectations.



Pedestrian Accident

When I first got hurt and my case started, I assumed that the insurance company would do the right thing and pay for my bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. They fought me on everything and denied even the obvious things. I always felt very comfortable dealing with Steve. He spent many hours with me, providing a detailed understanding of the entire process which helped me get past my fears about going to court. He went above and beyond in representing me, and I was extremely pleased when the outcome was even better than expected.


From the moment we met, Steve showed genuine interest in my case and helped me dig out from a tough spot. We worked together, one step at a time, to put my life back together. When I lost steam and felt hopeless, he helped me find the strength to carry on. With kids to support and rent to pay, the pressure of working with my injuries was huge. Steve kept us together and took the case to court, forcing the insurance company to acknowledge how my accident changed our lives.


Steve Williamson was excellent in how explained the issues to me, strong in the courtroom, skilled in dealing with the judge and the jury and even the opposing lawyer. To put it simply, he was great all around. He was both sensitive and understanding, while also showing strength and professionalism in court. It impressed me that Steve was smart and aggressive but also very humble.


Having Steve Williamson represent me was a blessing. He worked hard on all aspects of the case from day one. Eventually, it became clear that the insurance company was surprised and worried about all the work we had done. All our points were covered. In our preparations, I felt like he knew me and my situation like he had lived it himself. With Steve, I learned that the most important thing is to have a lawyer who really cares and is motivated to go the extra mile for you.


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