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Each year, millions of injuries happen on the job, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some fields, like construction, are more dangerous and result in more injuries, however, every day workers in every industry are hurt in the workplace.

Many people work in environments where machines, vehicles or equipment pose potential dangers. Workplace accidents can involve both a personal injury claim against a third party and a worker’s compensation claim against the injured worker’s employer.

In most situations, employees are not permitted to sue their employers for injuries sustained on the job. Workers can pursue a worker’s compensation claim for medical expenses and lost wages. In addition, workers can pursue personal injury claims if another individual or company who is not the employer is responsible for the accident. Examples of this include injuries that occur on construction sites or in manufacturing plants, worksites where multiple companies often operate side-by-side.

A prompt investigation can determine if the cause of a workplace accident was caused by a third party who can be held liable for the injury. Often, when an injury occurs at a manufacturing plant, the investigation focuses on the product being used by the worker. If a product defect is found and the defect caused the worker’s injury, then a third-party (personal injury) claim can be brought against the product manufacturer.

There are many other examples of potential third-party (personal injury) claims, but construction site and manufacturing industry accidents are the most common third-party claims.

Injuries in the workplace can be severe with serious consequences. Victims of workplace injuries may not be able to return to work, resulting in loss of income. Worse, sometimes the person may become permanently disabled and never able to return to work. Cases like these typically involve claims for lost wages and medical expenses.

Many victims of workplace accidents think their only option is to file Workers’ Compensation claims or think that filing a lawsuit prevents them from also receiving Worker’s Compensation. In many instances, these are incorrect assumptions. While Workers’ Compensation provides injured workers with benefits for medical care and lost earnings, frequently the worker has additional legal rights to sue liable third-parties who caused their injury, enabling the worker to obtain greater justice in the form of money damages for pain and suffering, medical costs and lost wages.

With the help of an experienced trial lawyer, injured workers have the best chance of obtaining full justice for all their losses and suffering.

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