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Your civil rights are protected by city, state and federal law. These basic rights prohibit discrimination in any setting, like employment, public accommodation, or housing, and based on categories such as age, race, creed, color, citizenship, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and marital status. In fact, your civil rights are a fundamental cornerstone of our modern laws. If you are a victim of discrimination, unequal treatment, government or police misconduct, you should immediately contact attorney Steve Williamson. He will fight to protect your rights, hold the wrongdoers accountable, and obtain full compensation for your losses.

Steve Williamson works with people in civil rights cases of:

  • Employment law, including discrimination, retaliation, unequal treatment, abuse and hostile environment
  • Police abuse, false arrest and/or malicious prosecution
  • Whistleblower protections
  • Retaliation
  • First Amendment violations
  • Civil Service discrimination, retaliation or termination
If you feel that your civil rights are being violated, please contact Steve Williamson for a free consultation.