Community Service

Steve Williamson believes in the importance of community and charitable activities. He has worked with various local organizations that help disadvantaged and learning disabled children. Raised and educated in New York City, Steve believes that part of being a local lawyer involves giving back, on a volunteer basis, to the communities and neighborhoods where you live and work.


For the past several years, Steve coordinates the Speakers’ Bureau program at the Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service, a transfer school for over-age, under-credited students in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  The kids are mostly from very low income backgrounds with broken or unstable families, and more than 20% live in shelters or temporary housing. Brooklyn Community Services (BCS) developed the school in collaboration with the NYC Department of Education.  Steve founded the Speakers’ Bureau, which recruits inspirational and dynamic people to visit the school on regular basis and speak with students about their careers, life journeys and struggles to succeed.  Steve also serves on the BCS Board of Directors.

In the special education/learning disability arena, Steve previously served on the boards of The Churchill School & Center, a Manhattan K through 12 school for kids with learning disabilities, and Eye to Eye, a national mentoring program for children and young adults with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders.

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