Brandon Grant, Director of Marketing at The Moth, Conversed with Students at Brooklyn Community Services Speakers’ Bureau Event

At a recent Brooklyn Community Services Speakers Bureau, Brandon Grant arrived at Brooklyn Leadership High School for a conversation with the students about his life journey.

Brandon is the Director of Marketing at The Moth, a non-profit organization that focuses on the art of storytelling.  He leads a team responsible for creating and maintaining a public image that helps attract The Moth’s desired audiences. Brandon has also worked extensively in the publishing world, particularly in luxury magazines.

Brandon admitted to the students that being in a room full of math paraphernalia sent him back to the daunting days when he himself struggled with the subject. However, that feeling also led him to speak about how he overcame that learning obstacle in college and was able to find a track and career that better suited him.

Brandon also spoke about making a career change and how shifting gears may be nerve-wracking, but often rewarding. The students discussed the career paths they’re interested in and some asked Brandon what helped him get where he is today. There was great energy in the room and it was clear Brandon was a hit with the students.